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West Coast Ag Products acquires PureCrop1 Brand.

We believe in providing farmers and consumers with forward-thinking, sustainable solutions for an increasingly uncertain growing environment.”

— Chris Hale, West Coast Ag Products

UKIAH, CA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — West Coast Ag Products (WCA) is excited to announce the brand acquisition of PureCrop1, an up-and-coming trailblazer in the agricultural industry. The brand was acquired in association with Raquel Hale, formerly of PureCrop1 and founder of West Coast Ag Products. In a statement, WCA’s founder said, “After an exhaustive and diligent purchasing process, we are proud to bring the PureCrop1 brand under the care of the people who helped build it into the well-loved brand it is today. The West Coast Ag team looks forward to providing the first-class agricultural expertise and client dedication fans of PureCrop1 have grown to love.”

West Coast Ag’s latest acquisition gives it a competitive advantage in the agricultural industry. PureCrop1 is well-respected in the marketplace and already has a solid online presence. This acquisition should help WCA grow its presence in the agriculture industry. WCA’s VP elaborates, “In the last few years of growing the PureCrop1 brand, it had really taken off, and a loyal fanbase had flourished. To know that would no longer be the case was heartbreaking. Fortunately, Raquel brought in some of the old core team and formed West Coast Ag. When we found out we could buy the PureCrop1 brand –– it almost felt like coming home.”

Chris Hale of West Coast Ag Products states, “Having the PureCrop1 brand is incredible. We are excited to begin offering PureCrop1. This product speaks to the core of what we believe here at West Coast Ag Products. We believe in providing farmers and consumers with forward-thinking, sustainable solutions for an increasingly uncertain growing environment.”

Deeply committed to finding innovative ways for farmers to continue to thrive in changing and uncertain times, WCA proves its groundbreaking nanotechnology is part of that solution. Chris Hale adds, “Creating a sustainable future for agriculture is something we can all benefit from –– we take that to heart here at West Coast Ag Products, which influences everything we do.”

But for the team, it goes beyond farms; it also includes making their nanotechnology available in products that are safe to use at home. In addition, WCA takes pride in using recycled plastics and keeping production here in the United States, ensuring they avoid shipping delays and product shortages. Founder Raquel Hale includes, “Keeping things local has always been a part of who we are at West Coast Ag Products –– manufacturing and bottling everything right here in California. We take pride in our hands-on approach to keeping things domestically sourced, which reduces our risk of shortages and keeps business in our community.”

The future of West Coast Ag Products is bright, and they are excited to be serving their customers and communities. With the PureCrop1 brand acquisition, WCA will launch a campaign addressing PureCrop1’s community questions and future needs.

West Coast Ag Products is excited to bring the next wave of innovative products to your home and local farm. Chris says, “Change can start as a small seed of an idea, but if nurtured, that idea can grow strong roots and lead to foundational change. We want to be the ones sewing those seeds and cultivating them into a more sustainable future for us all.”

For more information, visit West Coast Ag Product’s website at www.wca.farm.

About West Coast Ag Products:
West Coast Ag Products is a group of agriculture professionals, farmers, and individuals dedicated to modernizing the industry with 21st-century technology. With decades of experience, research, and development, West Coast Ag aims to provide quality products that are on the cutting edge of technology while having little to no impact on our natural environment. West Coast Ag recognizes that conventional and organic farmers need long-lasting, economically, and environmentally sustainable solutions.

About PureCrop1:
With quality and sustainability at the core of the PureCrop1 brand, West Coast Ag is dedicated to changing the way we grow our food by reducing harsh inputs used on crops offering the PureCrop1 product. PureCrop1 offers an innovative agriculture solution that benefits the plant, the grower, and the environment by providing a powerful organic formula for simplifying your integrated pest management process.

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