While TheraBox focus is on self-care = self-love, the seasonal Happy Shoppee is a special way to send self-love to family and friends.

SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 26, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — TheraBox, the unique and popular monthly self-care subscription concept, popular for inspiring happier lives, has added more than 80 gifts to its unique Happiness Shoppee.

From the uniquely special TheraBox Slumber Box with Dream Oil Tincture, Multivitamin Sleeping Mask, Mint and Eucalyptus Night Cream and the Hot + Cool Gel Bead Eye Mask, to the itemized and specific other natural, organic, and feel-good wellness contents of The Tropics Box, The Winter Holiday Box, The Moondust Box,” and the other personalized holiday gift boxes now available in the TheraBox Happiness Shoppe.

Other popular and unique TheraBox skincare products, like Cannalogica Facial Oil, the Leave-Me-On Winter Mask, Azala’s nutrient-rich body balm, Chloe Emerald’s Rose Quartz Gua Sha, and more than 80 others are also timely and seasonal gifts in the Happy Shoppee.

“My husband purchased a TheraBox as a gift for me,” explains Madeline E., now a loyal TheraBox subscriber. “It is exciting and consistent with positive beliefs to the fact that self-care = self-love.

“I have always had a passion for self-care and attitude, and our ability to control it. It has been proven that actions and thoughts change the way we feel and create a happier life.”

Madeline adds that, although the many ways to create a calmer and happy life is a daily necessity, the TheraBox gift boxes full of wellness products and joy-boosting activities, are always available from the one-time Happy Shoppee. Having the option to purchase a TheraBox as a gift makes gift giving much more special.

All 80 gifts are shipped immediately and deliver self-care and self-love to friends and family, helping them achieve a soothing, pampering, and happier life.

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