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Tootsie The Rapper Coming In Hot

Bay Area Hip Hop Artist Tootsie The Rapper is Coming In Hot with New Music

Tootsie The Rapper is on her way to the top”

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LOS ANGELES , CA, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2022 / — Coming in hot new and improved Hip-Hop Artist Tootsie The Rapper, recently released her highly anticipated EP “Keep It Runnin,” followed by an exclusive video release for her latest hit single “Coming In Hot”. If there is one word to describe Tootsie The Rapper it would be “tenacious”. As a Bay Area Native she is resilient in everything that she does. Being a full-time parent and balancing her career as an artist has been her greatest strength of inspiration and motivation to continue thriving. Tootsie started pursuing her dream at a young age in 2016.

As an entertainer wearing multiple hats Tootsie has managed to persevere and master her craft, with the support of friends and family. She has never stopped no matter what trials and tribulations she may face. Tootsie’s passion for music derived at an early age, as the youngest child of 8, born and raised in Vallejo CA. (Bay Area) she discovered her true passion for music. While watching her father create music and perform she decided to follow in his footsteps. Tootsie knew she had a bigger purpose to live out. Making an impression that immediately had people infatuated, gave her the courage to go even harder.

Her manager Cam the Executive took time to teach her the business side of the entertainment and music industry and Executive Produced her latest hit single “Coming In Hot ”. Through her shortcomings she knew this time around it would be different, which inspired her to create her project “Keep It Runnin”. Tootsie’s target audience are those who appreciate the authenticity of music. Her vision for “Keep It Runnin” is based upon her life, true actions, and how she maintained her career as a single mother; she never took her foot off the gas. Tootsie wants to use her platform as an artist to make an impact on all generations by exuding the different light and vibrant energy she brings to the world to feel her passion and creativity in her work.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain, just positive energy, love and support from the world and Tootsie The Rapper has done just that with her music. She has been a generation light to the world since 2016. Her music and creativity will leave you breathless. Tootsie is the true definition of resilience and what it means to not give up. The rising music warrior in the industry showing her ultimate strength of being a woman while pursuing her career.

Tootsie created her website to show her true authentic self outside of social media for her fans and listeners to have a better understanding of who she is as an artist and to provide easier access to her previous projects, current events, and announcements. Be sure to stream Tootsie’s newly released EP “Keep It Runnin” and “Coming In Hot” video now available on all digital platforms.

(@TootsieTheRapper ) – “Coming In Hot” Official Music Video

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Tootsie The Rapper – Coming In Hot (Official Music Video)