TORQ Truck steals the spotlight at Angel Stadium

TORQ Sports’ latest acquisition reinvents on-demand sports metrics for the modern age.

We are breaking open a new market of on-demand data metrics that has always been dreamed of by coaches and players, but never possible.”

— Jake Baer, President/Founder of TORQ Truck

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2022 / — TORQ Sports is making headlines again with another innovation in video, metrics, and data collection—announcing its latest major acquisition through a merger with Belted Baseball. The newly unveiled TORQ Truck brings state-of-the-art technology, previously only available at brick-and-mortar training facilities to tournaments, tryouts, and programs nationwide. The Truck will provide players with an immediate video package of their session that contains mechanical and data analysis.

The patented mobile batting cage is equipped with a full array of equipment, including a HitTrax swing and pitch analyzer, network connected stat and video displays, adjustable pitching machine, and cameras to capture players from every angle. This hardware is all seamlessly integrated into a custom-designed cage which has been engineered to maximize safety, play space, and ease of use.

Jake Baer, President and Founder, of TORQ Truck LLC, spoke about the company’s goals following an event at Angel Stadium: “The TORQ Truck embodies the vision and forward thinking of our brand by applying all four pillars of our identity: Track, Optimize, Record, and Quantify. We are breaking open a new market of on-demand data metrics that has always been dreamed of by coaches and players, but never possible.”

This new approach to sports metrics addresses a growing need for quality data collection that can be made accessible and affordable to any individual or team. TORQ Truck’s full data profile suite will provide organizations the resources needed to modernize their tryout, development, and coaching programs to stay competitive in a sports landscape increasingly focused on data.

The TORQ Truck base is also fully modular, with packages for golf, tennis, hockey, and other sports already in testing. Head Designer Stan Spancer, of Belted Baseball, explained the need for an emphasis on continuous development: “The TORQ Truck system has been designed from the start to receive ongoing upgrades as our reach grows. Each truck can be reconfigured on the fly to fit needs of any team, any sport, and any hardware.”

While the terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed, the TORQ Truck’s rollout is already well underway. A full month of scheduled stops at baseball tournaments across the west coast are on the calendar, and expansion plans are in place to build a fleet to sweep the nation.

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