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Choosing the right foods can significantly improve one’s health.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2023 / — Tracy Evans, World-Class Personal Chef, says the secret to reducing inflammation in the body is to follow a proper diet. Evans advises consumers to select foods that appeal to their palates in addition to eating a healthy diet—following the guidelines of the meal plan and picking meals that taste good work together to prevent people from getting bored with their food choices while preserving their health.

“At Set the Table, we work with Clients on their special diets, and the most important factor is ensuring they enjoy their food. Our mission is to help all of our clients adhere to what their bodies need and make sure they like their meals,” says Evans.

As one of the leading causes of death and a dangerous condition, inflammation is connected to other major causes of death, explains the National Library of Medicine. According to the site, a vital component of an anti-inflammatory diet plan is carefully choosing anti-inflammatory foods while avoiding pro-inflammatory foods. Evans’ dietary strategy ensures that clients follow their food plan without experiencing the monotony a restricted diet can bring.

“Inflammation is different for everyone, and we try and guide our clients in following the 80/20 rule with food so it can help most stay on whatever health track they choose to be on. That means 80% of the meals should be specific to their dietary needs, and 20% of their meals can be less strict, so they are not depriving themselves of their favorites. This means if there are three meals/day and roughly 21 meals in a week, that 17 meals are according to your health plan, and the rest can be more lenient,” informs Evans.

According to Evans, it is up to the individual to monitor and take care of their health. Paying attention to one’s body enables the individual to recognize what is helpful to them and provides him or her with the flexibility to make changes as required, explains Evans.

“Another helpful tip in terms of inflammation and clean eating is for each individual to do a deep dive into their own health, so there is a deep understanding of what spikes your blood sugar and what food combinations optimize your experience. Several new companies specialize in testing allergies, blood sugars, etc., so you know exactly what’s going on with your own body. We have the power to take charge of our own health with all the resources currently available to us,” Evans adds.

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