Stump Removal by Tree Service Freson

FRESNO, CA, USA, November 22, 2022 / — After ignoring stump removal requests for the longest time, Tree Service Fresno earlier today marked the end of the ignorance.

“For the past over 20 years,” said the CEO during the announcement, “Tree Service Fresno is best known for good tree care services in Fresno and its suburbs including Reedley, Auberry, Fort Washington, Kingsburg, and Tarpey Village. The company has, however, not been offering stump removal services for all that while.
Today, the good news to homeowners in Fresno and its suburbs is that the whole team is now ready to receive all those stump removal requests.”
According to the CEO, the bold move was pushed by the unending requests from homeowners. He added that the risks associated with the stumps made the team take the step even faster.

“Tree Service Fresno has been receiving many stump removal requests from homeowners,” said the CEO as he made the announcement. “Replying with a ‘the service is not currently available’ did not appear so right. This, therefore, pushed Tree Service Fresno to make plans on how to start offering stump removal services. Thinking of the accidents that can be caused by the stumps also made Tree Service Fresno fast track the establishment of this vital service.”

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The CEO noted that Tree Service Fresno has added more employees to make sure that no tree care service is delayed.
“Adding a new service, calls for more employees,” said the CEO during the announcement. “Tree Service Fresno has, therefore, added more tree care experts to its team. This will ensure that all the services continue running smoothly.”

The CEO also revealed that Tree Service Fresno had also acquired brand new stump removal gear and equipment.
“Using the right tool is very key in tree care,” said the CEO. “Therefore, Tree Service Fresno recently imported brand new tools and equipment for stump removal. After arrival, the Tree Service Fresno stump removal team tried using the tools and they all proved very perfect and effective.”

The CEO also noted that in case of tree removal, stump removal will be offered as an additional service.
“After cutting down a tree, a stump is usually left behind,” said the CEO. “In such a case, the client will enjoy stump removal as an additional service. On the other hand, the client who has had a stump sitting on their landscape and wants to remove the stump will also receive the service at a very pocket-friendly cost. This is because the newly acquired tools and equipment have proved to make the work very quick and easy. As the stump removal team enjoys easy work, the client enjoys less pay.”

The CEO urged homeowners planning to make their homestead appealing and safe by removing the stumps reach out to Tree Service Fresno. He noted that the company will do a good job and clean the landscape before leaving.

“Removing the deadly stumps improves the home’s appearance and make the homestead safer,” said the CEO during the announcement. “The homeowners should therefore take the advantage of low-cost stump removal services offered by Tree Service Fresno to better their homes. Also, note that the team will not leave before cleaning the space they were working at. The team will always leave the place looking better than they found it.”

Tree Service Fresno offices are located at 704 H St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States. Homeowners can also reach out to the company by calling +1 559-825-0045 or sending an email to

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