~ The new Trymata brand bridges the gap between companies collecting user feedback and understanding all aspects of digital product experience.

I strongly believe that an integrated vision of our two products will empower our customers to achieve sustainable and far-reaching success in building digital products that users love.”

— Ritvijm Gautam

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — User experience, also known as UX, is an essential pillar of any brand’s online presence. A negative experience can lead to losing existing and potential customers. Thus it is not surprising that leading companies dedicate significant amounts of time and resources to delivering elite-quality UX. Research indicates that ROI on UX investments is 9,900% and can increase KPIs by more than 80%. Also, the increase in website conversion rate is evaluated to be 200%.

The above percentages are promising; however, it requires continual dedication and hard work to ensure that customer experience is never compromised. This is where Trymata steps in to deliver end-to-end product analytics to users.

TryMyUI rebranded to Trymata on October 14, 2022.

Trymata is a product insights tool that includes a testing and analytics suite. These processes are integrated into the platform for the teams to understand how their users interact with digital products. The focus is also on optimizing user experiences.

Product managers and product teams, UX teams, design and marketing teams, brand owners, e-commerce managers, and additional roles are the ideal customer segment directly connected to digital platforms and spaces.

Trymata bridges the gap between how organizations collect user feedback and gauge their digital product experience. It allows product and marketing teams to vividly see the alterations in products and designs that influence UX at a micro level. Various groups and verticals can fathom how product changes affect the revenue incurred by digital experiences, which ultimately leads to product-led growth.

Although there are multiple remote usability testing platforms in the marketplace, none compares to Trymata’s logical understanding of digital experience.

Trymata combines usability testing capabilities and live product analytics. It empowers users to fathom a comprehensive product understanding. They can also use it to monitor website performance and drop-off points while identifying usability issues. Target tests concur with user struggles and gauge improvement on making alterations.

Trymata has recently acquired Stitchology.ai to redefine digital experiences and increase product revenue. Now, with Stitchology’s products added to Trymata, it will utilize the industry’s elite usability testing offering on a remote level. Data-rich live web analytics and session replay insights will deliver solid solutions for product professionals.

The co-founders of Trymata include Ritvij Gautam, Tim Rotolo, Shruti Goli, and Karthik Ravi. Rotolo and Gautam launched TryMyUI in 2015. Goli and Ravi share a wealth of experience as former employees at Microsoft and Facebook, respectively. They founded Stitchology.ai and joined the TryMyUI team to acquire Stitchology.ai. Working together, the four founders have transformed their brands into a collaborative version of Trymata.

The CEO of Trymata, Ritvijm Gautam, says, “I strongly believe that an integrated vision of our two products will empower our customers to achieve sustainable and far-reaching success in building digital products that users love. By bringing these different research approaches and datasets together, teams will be able to not only get a holistic understanding of their users’ experiences, but also to measure how their products and flows are impacting business goals like engagement, conversion, and revenue.”

The users can now uncover hidden behaviors to fathom the activities of real visitors while optimizing key user flows as per full session logs and videos with Stitchology. It also allows for improving the digital experience to reach business goals.

Trymata’s unparalleled services offer digital services to users to understand their footsteps on digital platforms and increase user engagement and experience. Remote usability testing and tracking and iterating features augment services to the users on a large scale.

About us:

TryMyUI is rebranded to ‘Trymata,’ on October 14, 2022.

Trymata unlocks elite digital experience by measuring user analytics and insights to assist organizations in building easy-to-follow and preferred worldwide products. Now with Stitchology on board, Trymata will combine the industry’s best remote usability testing offerings to understand unknown behaviors of visitors on websites, increase critical user flows and augment digital experiences.

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