Hosts Adam Slemon (left) and Brad C. Hodson

When they found out they both suffered from the same mental illness, these two funny men decided to help others deal with their mental health through laughter.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 24, 2023/ — When diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, actor Adam Slemon and writer Brad C. Hodson created “BatSh!t: Living with Mental Illness” to laugh about what’s often a taboo topic.

“There aren’t many shows where the mentally ill speak about what it’s like to actually have it,” said Hodson. “It’s one thing to hear doctors discuss it. It’s another for two guys to say, ‘This is what we suffer from. This is what we deal with. You’re not alone.”

Adam Slemon, who has toured the world in countless live productions, has known he was Bipolar for a while now. Novelist and screenwriter Brad Hodson, on the other hand, was just diagnosed this past December.

“On one hand, I felt broken,” said Hodson about learning he had a mental illness. “On the other, it was empowering. So much weird and out-of-character behavior suddenly made sense. I finally knew what was wrong with me and how to fight it. Men especially tend to ignore their mental health, and that’s one of the reasons Adam and I started this show. We want to encourage other men to examine themselves and get help before it upends their lives the way it did ours.”

Both Hodson and Slemon are comedians and wanted to bring that to their podcast.

“Everyone takes mental health so seriously,” said Hodson. “I get it. It’s wrecked lives. I lost my best friend and almost destroyed my marriage. But if you take a step back and laugh at it, it makes it easier to deal with. Easier to talk about. There are so many people out there suffering from this, whether diagnosed or not, who need to talk about it and aren’t. Not treating it as this grave and sacred thing allows us to explore it with comedy. Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine. Aside from real medicine. Seriously, take your pills.”

While the show focuses on the hosts’ struggles with Bipolar and how their treatments (both therapy and medication) give them control of their lives again, it also branches out into other mental health topics. They recently interviewed actress Maggie Gwin (Grey’s Anatomy) about her struggles with postpartum depression, as well as journalist Christi Wampler about how C-PTSD has impacted her life. Other episodes tackle subjects like masculinity and why men refuse psychiatric help, as well as how undiagnosed mental illness can wreck romantic relationships. Future episodes promise to interview people fighting mental illness across diverse careers, from sex workers to the military.

“I wish I’d come across a show like this years ago,” said Hodson. “Looking back, I’ve fought this thing my entire life. If I’d had a funny and accessible resource like this, I might have gotten help earlier.”

The hosts have found the reactions to their show touching.

“We’ve had so many people reach out after listening and say, “I struggle with this, and I needed a laugh.’ Or ‘I think I might be undiagnosed and, after listening to your show, I’m going to seek professional help.’ Or people who struggle with how to deal with a loved one suffering from mental illness who listen to us and finally get it. It makes the whole thing worth it.”

Hodson added, “Well. The podcast, I mean. The podcast is worth it. The Bipolar not so much.”

When asked what the worst part of his illness is, Hodson said, “I hate what I’ve put my wife through over the years. And I lost a friend I miss so much. A lot of friends over the years, really. But now I’m diagnosed, and I’m on medication. I’m learning how to control it instead of letting it control me. You can never be cured, but you can learn how to fight it. And how to win that fight.”

“It helps to laugh,” he added. “It’s something so many of us live with. And if Adam and I can educate people on the topic and crack some crude, inappropriate jokes while we do? Well, maybe we’ll have done something good with this curse.”

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