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Nhi Kat Tran with NhiTran Fengshui jewelry

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Confidence, happiness and luck – the power of fashion now goes beyond elevating one’s style. This season, NhiTran Fengshui and Kadyni are inspiring people to attract positivity and live life to their fullest by offering a new collection of expertly designed and beautifully wrought healing jewelry.

NhiTran Fengshui and Kadyni are collaborating to produce personalized healing jewelry with a fresh and stylish spin. Using the power of natural resource, this new collection of jewelry and accessories will make an elegant fashion statement that is not only beautiful but also personalized to harness energy forces to harmonize you with your environment. The resulting balance can increase your confidence, deepen your strength, and attract good fortune.

Agarwood is at the heart of this healing jewelry. For thousands of years it has been known in Asian cultures as the “Wood of the Gods”. It is a fragrant, dark resinous wood known for its physical and mental healing properties. In addition, it is believed to facilitate spiritual connections with a long tradition of cultural, medicinal, and religious significance dating as far back as 1400 BCE. It has been used in incense, oils, natural healing crystals, and, now, jewelry.

A Vietnamese native from Saigon, Nhi “Kat” Tran is the Founder and CEO of both NhiTran Fengshui and Kadyni Inc. She started NhiTran Fengshui two years ago with a focus on healing jewelry for Vietnamese communities. Her products and customer service have earned solid support from both customers and the Feng Shui industry. Thousands of positive feedback ratings attest to the transformative power of Kat’s jewelry designs in overcoming challenges and attracting good luck. Ms. Tran states, “My jewelry creations reflect my belief that even the smallest token of luck and positivity can make a difference in our lives, especially to those who are not born ‘privileged’.”

Nhi faced personal and professional difficulties when she and her family moved from Saigon to the US in 2012. However, with the magical aid of agarwood and natural healing crystals, she emerged as an empowered woman who was able to overcome these obstacles.

She worked her way up to the position of Manager at Amazon, but eventually left the giant tech company to pursue her dream of empowering people by natural resource and owning her own business. According to Kat, her desire to have her own business was fueled by the positive feedback she received from customers who found that her jewelry products brought them luck, happiness, and confidence. With her two fashion businesses, Kat is now a full-time owner and CEO, and her team, customer base, and sales are all growing.

Through carefully selected genuine natural healing stones and gemstones hand-crafted into exquisite jewelry pieces, Kadyni delivers a luxury experience with design uniqueness and personalized meaning to every customer at various price levels. Moreover, the mission of both Nhitran Fengshui and Kadyni is to create jewelry that is not just a fashion accessory, but also a supportive friend that provides emotional and mental support, helping individuals believe in themselves.

This unique healing jewelry is now available and can be ordered online from the Kadyni website.
About Kadyni Inc.: Founded in 2023, Kadyni Inc. is a jewelry and fashion company based in Fremont, CA. that designs, produces, and distributes a variety of personalized fashion creations to the U.S. market.

About NhiTran Fengshui Inc.: Founded in 2021, Nhitran FengShui Inc. is a feng shui-focused decoration company based in Fremont, CA that designs, produces, and distributes an astonishing selection of feng shui-inspired jewelry specially made for Vietnam and the Vietnamese communities in the US.

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