Witnesses to the UAP Hearing is Needed

OJAI, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Democracy requires an informed electorate. Congressional public hearings are held, in large part, to keep the citizens informed about the issues we face. For seventy-five years, the federal government has kept the challenge posed by Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) from the public. Congress has never heard from a single UAP witness in public. This leaves people on their own to weave through the misinformation and conspiracy theories to figure out if UAP is real and what is known about it. This mystery leaves us unaware of whether UAP pose a threat. Now is the time for each congressional candidate to tell us if they support open hearings with real witnesses shedding light on this subject. We are asking every member of Congress to let the public know where they stand on this issue. This issue has received broad bipartisan support, but the public is still unaware of what the government knows.

The public needs to rely on government to resolve the more profound issues of the day, such as global warming, inflation, nuclear weapons proliferation, and others. Only governments have the resources to take on such issues. Since 2008, according to PEW research polling, the percentage of citizens who trust government to do what is right most of the time has been below 25%. While the impact of this is difficult to predict at any point in time, we can reasonably state that the public attitude of low expectations toward any government in power has been endemic.

Without doubt, much is known about UAP that is being withheld from the public. It is an important tenet of democracy that a well-informed public is a necessity to avoid inevitable corruption of government. If we all have a common and complete understanding of the phenomenon as we know it, then informed, rational decisions, representing the will of the people, can be made. There may have already been decisions made within DOD/IC, without public review or input with respect to UAP. Such decisions, such as UAP being friend or foe, could have already resulted in military preparations and expenditures, for example. If we are dealing with an extraterrestrial presence, as our representatives it is up to the Congress to oversee and inform the public as to what is our current defense posture regarding UAP. When and how will that be accomplished?

On May 17, 2022, there was an initial Congressional ‘hearing’ on UAP. It was a welcome milestone to see palpable and sincere interest in the subject by members of Congress. Members asked some basic pertinent questions on the subject. However, the answers by two individuals sent by the Pentagon were vague and elusive. They seemed to be ill prepared for the hearings and questions. For example, they were asked about the 1967 Malmstrom AFB incidents which resulted in the disabling of twenty ICBMs by UFOs. Neither admitted to having any ‘official’ knowledge of the incidents. However, after further questioning by Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.), they said they would “look into it.” Recently, Pentagon representatives have stated that they will not release any more videos of UAP that are routinely being taken by highly trained military pilots.

Open hearings would allow both the public and government agencies to be queried by Congress and the media as to the range and scope of the phenomena. Until there is a common understanding of the UAP, we cannot evaluate its impact on us or the world. For example, if from testimonies and documentation it is verified that UFOs have been able to disable our nuclear weapons, what are we to do about that? What has been done about that? These questions should be considered by all the people There may be many other considerations that are not evident unless we involve the public and USGOV agencies to testify openly. Only then, can we fully evaluate the threat to our national security or safety, together.

Discovering the truth of the matter is of high importance not only for the people of our country but for the world population. If the evidence shows that these objects are not manufactured on earth, and it is concluded that they represent advanced extraterrestrial life, the impact on all social, political, religious would be highly significant. This process of discovery would expose the fact that excessive secrecy related to this subject has been institutionalized in many of our agencies. It would allow us to better prepare for future space missions and evaluate what role our newly formed Space Command would take.

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Action Committee (UAPAC), an organization formed by UAP witnesses, calls for open Congressional hearings for public testimony from trained military observers who have direct knowledge and have experienced this phenomenon.

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