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PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 9, 2022 / — Climate change refers to long-term changes in temperature, rainfall, and other weather patterns in a particular location. Several factors contribute to climate change, including increased rates of fossil fuels released into the atmosphere and deforestation, or the cutting down of trees to create empty space for growing crops or raising livestock.

These human-created factors will continue to contribute to further climate change unless people take steps to combat the phenomenon. As an advocate of the environment, Vincent Barletta explains three ways to help combat climate change.

1. Cut Back on Energy Use
Cutting back on energy use in their homes and workplaces is one way people can help slow global warming. When people use less energy, fewer fossil fuels burn as a result. There are many ways that people can cut down on the amount of energy they consume, such as:

Turning the thermostat down and wearing extra layers when the house is cold
Using fans during warmer months rather than always keeping central air conditioning running
Installing LED light bulbs throughout the house
Ensuring that new construction is weatherized and contains enough insulation
Purchasing energy-efficient appliances when older ones break

If everyone does something small each day, it can make a huge impact over time.

2. Reduce Consumption of Non-Essential Items
Every time a factory produces a consumer good, pollution makes its way into the atmosphere. Vincent Barletta explains that people can help negate this by limiting the number of items they purchase or buying second-hand when they can. Consumers who have the means to do so can also consider purchasing higher-quality goods that might be a more expensive investment up front but will last longer.

3. Pay Attention to Food
If someone has the space to do so, they should consider composting their food rather than putting it in the garbage, where the food then goes to a landfill and begins to produce methane. Although composting does still release methane, knowledgeable people like Vincent Barletta know that composting helps reduce the amount of methane produced overall and provides several other environmental benefits.

Climate change and global warming are grave concerns, but fortunately, there are many simple ways to help slow down those processes.

Vincent Barletta is a professor of Comparative Literature and Latin American cultures at Stanford University. Prof. Barletta specializes in academic areas such as Iberian literature, linguistic anthropology, and philosophy. He has received many awards over the course of his professional career, including the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship in 2021. As a teacher and mentor, Prof. Barletta shows concern for the issues that the next generation of students face, including climate change and other environmental concerns. In his spare time, Prof. Barletta enjoys poetry and jazz music.

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