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VisibilityOne’s system has reached an impressive level of sophistication in monitoring and management tools. AI-driven diagnostics and Real-Time healing set a new standard in the IT industry.”

— Kent Lowell former GM at British Telecom

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — As you know, VisibilityOne has launched the industry’s only real-time advanced diagnostic and monitoring solution that provides AI-driven fault resolution for conferencing technologies like MS Teams, Zoom, Crestron, Poly, Logitech, and Cisco. VisibilityOne delivers this End-to-End Call Management for remote or on-premise collaboration. All elements of the Video conferencing application and the call itself are monitored for performance across the Internet or any VPN.

Further advancements in the VisibilityOne Zoom Room monitoring have now enabled our solution to eliminate the need to deploy a centralized data collector, offering less complexity and faster deployments for IT departments that manage large collaboration environments.

Go Frictionless – install the VisibilityOne plug-in onto your NUC and monitor your Zoom room LIVE, gaining insight and a holistic view of all LIVE call details for all rooms hosting or dialing into a 3rd party call.

Most enterprises that rely on Zoom’s Dashboard quickly realize that only basic network information is provided in the standard service. Even after upgrading to more API calls, enterprises lack a single, integrated experience that delivers a LIVE monitoring view of calls within and when dialing outside their tenant.

VisibilityOne is the only App that IT professionals trust to monitor their Zoom and Microsoft Teams Rooms to deliver a single, integrated experience.

VisibilityOne will deliver a LIVE meeting monitoring experience focusing on proactivity, self-healing, network path detection, hardware availability, and integrated troubleshooting tools. Let’s look at some of the actionable insights with VisibilityOne…

VisibilityOne Zoom Room agent features:

• Call status
• Scheduled meetings
• Connected device list (Mic/Camera, speaker)
• Self-healing connected device list (Mic/Camera, speaker)
• Failover of connected device list (Mic/Camera, speaker)
• Room Preset for Mic/Camera, the speaker
• Alert notifications
• 30-day incident history
• Device health (CPU, mem, disk)
• Network path detection (See the path a call is taking/network) performance.
• Remote relaunch meeting app
• Remote testing console (Ping, QoS Test, Traceroute, UDP Firewall Trace)
• Remote reboot Zoom Room
• Support for all Zoom Rooms running Windows OS and MAC OS

“VisibilityOne’s system has now reached an impressive level of sophistication and modernization unique in the history of monitoring and management tools. The AI-driven diagnostics and automatic Real-Time healing set a new standard for these kinds of systems.”
Kent Lowell, industry advisor and former GM of BT’s global managed services division.

VisibilityOne provides real-time video collaboration diagnostics and management. Our Connect and Control of IoT, AV, and VTC,
combined with our exclusive On-demand non-intrusive troubleshooting console is an industry first.
Winner of the InfoComm 2021 AVTechnology and Tech&Learning Awards, the 2021 TMC Remote Work Pioneer Award, the 2020 InfoComm AV Technology Best of Show Award, and the 2019 NSCA Product Innovation Award Winner, featured on, AVNetwork, INC Magazine, UC Today, Commercial Integrator Magazine.

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