Azine Ebrahimi, Founder & CEO

The first five new clients get ten percent off on a Vortex VIP marketing program.

Success comes to those who are too busy looking for it.”

— Azine Ebrahimi

LOS ANGELES , CA, USA, January 18, 2023 / — When Azine Ebrahimi started Vortex Multimedia she had no idea that her clients profits would increase tenfold with a cutting edge new website and a scientifically proven SEO marketing program. Just ask the number one dermatologist in Beverly Hills whose website traffic increased six times after only one month on the Vortex VIP marketing program. He was making so much money he had to open another office and hire two more dermatologists.

Ebrahimi started her business out of a small office in downtown Hollywood. As word of mouth spread like wildfire she had to find much larger office space and hire a full time Google Ads manager and an SEO expert. Soon Ebrahimi had so many happy clients she had to literally turn away new business. She found the secret sauce to making her clients happy and wealthy with a brand new website, a powerful Google Ads program and a PPC campaign second to none.

Now for the first time in five years Ebrahimi is taking on new clients who need a new website and a tailor made advertising program that will insure enormous profits and dramatically increased website traffic. In addition to that the first five new clients will receive a ten percent discount on the full VIP package. Ebrahimi says, “When I see the look on a new clients face after they have doubled or tripled their income in just a few months it makes me happy and proud. I’ve always loved helping others succeed and it was all because they trusted Vortex Multimedia.”

Vortex’s SEO specialist says, “Azine is a genius. She has her finger right on the pulse of the rapidly changing web design market. I wouldn’t hire anyone else to design my website and structure my advertising campaign. Everything she touches turns to gold. She’s a creative visionary and a disciplined perfectionist light years ahead of her time.”

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