SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2022 / — In response to industry demand, Wespay has developed a new membership program for the business sector. Designed for payments solution providers, third parties processors, FinTechs, payments systems users, and public or government entities, the Wespay Business Passport helps payments system stakeholders stay current on procedures, system rules, and regulatory changes while keeping team members informed and prepared for the evolution of payments.

Business Passport offers businesses and government entities five Passport member types to align their needs with bundled service offerings, each providing unique benefits to help companies to navigate their payments journeys, such as networking, education, visibility, sponsorships, and customized business arrangements: Access Passport; Network Passport; Discover Passport; Promote Passport and Partner Passport.

“We’ve spent the past year talking with a wide range of payments stakeholders to understand what companies value and need to support their payments business,” said Bill Schoch, President, and CEO, of Wespay. “We designed a robust program that includes both foundational services that keep members aware of changes to payments trends, rules, and regulations and enhancements that enable richer experiences in networking, education, visibility, sponsorships, and customized business arrangements.”

Over 90 companies have signed up for the inauguration of Business Passport, including our initial Partner Passport company, Identifee. Identifee will work closely with Wespay to advance the interests of the payments sector.

“Wespay’s new program is more than a membership; it creates a community of businesses that can work together, share ideas and provide a voice to the industry,” said Vram Ismailyan, Chief Strategy Officer, Identifee.

Members enjoy discounts on exclusive training, access to industry publications, and support from experienced payments professionals who are always on hand to help. The benefits of membership and the knowledge gained help build revenue, stay connected, and reduce risk.

About Business Passport:

The five unique Passports are designed to meet the needs of businesses that are stakeholders; they include the following:
Access Passport – U.S. payment systems are integral to their business. Access Passport members include high-volume users, solution providers, and
payment processors.
Network Passport – Taking an active role in Wespay equates to membership value. Network Passport members include industry leaders and
organizations that learn through collaboration with payments colleagues.
Discover Passport – Strive to keep their teams up to date with the latest in payments and value a trusted source in payments education.
Promote Passport – Seek more significant exposure to financial institutions and payments system users. Promote Passport members, including
suppliers of payments-related products and services.
Partner Passport – Our highest level of members for organizations that wish to stand out from the crowd. Partner Passport members include innovators
and leaders that supply payments-related products and services.

About Wespay:

Wespay ( is celebrating 50 years of payments expertise and is believed to be the nation’s first non-profit association dedicated to advancing electronic payments. Initially formed by a small group of California bankers, the association has grown to over 900 members, including financial institutions, third-party payments providers, and other organizations supplying payments-related services.

About Partner Passport Company:

Identifee ( is a connected platform built specifically for financial services organizations to help them grow top-line revenue faster by providing better, data-driven insights about their clients and prospects.


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