Women's Jacket and accessories from the limited-edition collection of ski performance apparel from Prada & ASPENX collaboration with artist Paula Crown, inspired by the winding trail maps in Aspen. - Photo by John Russo Photography

Prada & ASPENX limited-edition collection women’s ski performance apparel inspired by the winding trail maps in Aspen, Artist Paula Crown Collaboration – Photo by John Russo Photography

Multimedia artist & entrepreneur Paula Crown in studio photoshoot by John Russo

Multimedia artist & entrepreneur Paula Crown Photoshoot by Photographer John Russo

Men's Ski Jacket from Winter 2022/2023 Limited Edition Prada & ASPENX Collection,  collaboration with Artist Paula Crown - Photo by John Russo Photography

Men’s Ski Jacket from Winter 2022/2023 Limited Edition Prada & ASPENX Collection, collaboration with Artist Paula Crown – Photo by John Russo Photography

Italian Luxury Brand Prada & Retailer ASPENX Transform Paula Crowns’ Art Series ASPEN MAPS Into Wearable Fashions Inspired By The Ski Runs of Aspen Snowmass

ASPEN MAPS relates to landscape and multiple views of the Aspen mountains. The trail maps provide navigation and bearings and reflect the marks made individually and collectively on the landscape.”

— Paula Crown

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Multimedia artist, entrepreneur and visionary, Paula Crown has collaborated for the third time with luxury design house Prada and retail and experience brand ASPENX, the brainchild of Crown and The Aspen Skiing Company, to launch a stunning Limited-Edition Ski Collection inspired by Crown’s art series ASPEN MAPS, which brings the topography of Aspen’s terrain to life.

Paula Crown states, “The work (ASPEN MAPS) relates to landscape and multiple views of the Aspen mountains. The trail maps provide navigation and bearings. At the same time, the trails reflect the marks made individually and collectively on the landscape. The indexes of human energy and their power to affect change with each other and the environment continues as a line of investigation for me.”

Crown teamed up with Celebrity Photographer John Russo, to create the high-altitude campaign, featuring stunning visuals. “I have worked with Paula on two other ASPENX/Prada campaigns, and we continue to push the conceptual envelope by raising the creative bar each time. I am completely in awe of Paula’s work and relish any opportunity to create art with her,” Russo stated.

The Winter 2023 ASPENX Prada collection, is a premium extension of Prada Linea Rossa, and is a 7-piece collection that includes ski jackets, puffer jackets, and knitwear reflecting Aspen’s spirit; and is exclusively available, in the ASPENX store located in Aspens’ Gondola Plaza and on ASPENX.com.

As an accomplished artist and entrepreneur, Crown oversees The Aspen Skiing Company and runs Aspen’s The Little Nell hotel as a co-owner and shareholder to both these Crown family businesses. In all her endeavors, Crown incorporates art and design, from the bespoke experiences, collaborations, and performance products of ASPENX to her hospitality businesses. In addition to her collaborations with Prada and ASPENX, she has a furniture and textile collab with luxury interior designer Holly Hunt to The Limelight Hotel Collection in Snowmass, CO and Ketchum, ID, Sam’s Restaurant at The Limelight Hotel, Snowmass, CO, and Christy Rilling for The Wide Awakes.

With an established successful atelier Paula is committed to tying her artistic practice to concrete social change. In the ASPEPN MAPS series, she explores mark-making. Trails exhibit marks made by human movements in space and through time and our imprints alter the terrain in positive and negative ways. Her paintings examine nature and its relationship with human well-being. While the awe-striking public works in her SOLO TOGETHER series, there is a call for environmental activism. Asking and challenging viewers to examine and reevaluate the impacts of throwaway consumerism, and the marks we leave behind. Crown continually asks viewers to pause and question their own responsibilities when considering what businesses and practices to promote.

As 2023 hits, Crown will continue to expand her creative works through future brand collaborations and new artworks that will capture the viewer’s curiosity and inspire conversation, with an exciting new installation premiering at Frieze New York 2023.

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ABOUT THE ASPEN MAPS: The ASPEN MAPS are vibrant abstractions based on trail maps in Aspen, are a blend of digital and analog drawing techniques to overlay viewpoints while flattening perspective, where the most elaborate sketches become paintings, which start as printed color forms on glassy smooth gesso-primed linen, each with a distinct and nuanced color palette. In this series, Crown ask u to reflect on our impact on this earth and speaks to the role that art can play in fostering a deeper consideration of our natural surroundings.

ABOUT PAULA CROWN: Artist and activist, Paula Crown’s work is complex; inwardly and outwardly reflecting on her deep concerns about the environment, social activism, and climate change. Her multimedia work encompasses innovative technology, drawing, painting, video, sculpture, as well as collaborations that intersect with the worlds of fashion and design. Using innovative material and sustainable practices in her contemporary paintings and sculptural works, Crown is committed to sustainability in her studio practice. www.paulacrownatelier.com and on Instagram @paulacrownart.


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