SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 11, 2023 / — Upside-down information screens. Sudden losses of power while driving in heavy California traffic. Batteries responding to a full charge and catching on fire. Exploding airbags.

These are just a few issues California consumers reported in 2022 under California’s lemon law. Formally known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the lemon law protects those who buy or lease vehicles at retail, only to face ongoing auto troubles.

Only a fraction of lemon law claims went to trial in California in 2021. But if a claim is one that has to go to trial, make sure that ownership interests are well represented by experienced lemon law attorneys like those at Wirtz Law APC.

California’s 2022 Lemon Law Index describes a case in which a compact SUV had issues with, “…shaking, power loss, cylinder misfiring…excessive oil consumption and check engine light illumination defects.” In a 2020 case, the backup camera on a new 2020 Ford Edge failed, causing the driver to back into a metal bar – requiring expensive repairs, raising the owner’s insurance rates, and ruining the driver’s otherwise spotless driving record.

The failed backup camera was later the subject of a federal recall of 2020 Ford Edge vehicles, as the failures violated federal motor vehicle safety standards. After repeated attempts to fix the problem, the vehicle’s owners initiated a claim under California’s lemon law.

Lemon law stories like these are surprisingly common in California. The California Lemon Law Index estimates that 34,397 lemon law cases were filed between 2018 and 2021. Thousands more were settled without requiring a trial.

Defects in vehicles covered by a manufacturer’s warranty are a source of stress, inconvenience, and unnecessary costs. They pose serious risks to drivers, passengers, and others on the road.

Backup cameras, such as the one that failed in the 2020 Ford Edge, were created to reduce accidents. They were intended to help prevent a driver from backing into another person, such as a toddler, who could be positioned far below the vehicle. When these features fail, people inside and outside are exposed to substantial safety concerns.

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