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Simple, Elegant, Sleek Designs with Improved Grip with 3D Motion

BLUE JAY, CALIFORNIA, SAN BERNARDINO, April 20, 2023/ — Shaving is always a difficult task that takes time. Notably, extra caution is needed when shaving the armpit, bikini line, and leg area, as the razor blades come into direct contact with the skin. The skin of the body gets sensitive after shaving, and the hairs tend to become thicker and coarser when they grow back. Taking these into consideration, The Women’s Shave Club, subscription-based women’s shaving product service launches a new smooth women razor with the 3D Motion technology. The cutting-edge technology combined with the flexible head allows the razor to hug the body’s contours for a smooth shave.

Its new flagship product has five blade razor offering a true one-stroke shaving solution and the lubricating strip containing vitamin E and aloe helps minimize the risks of skin irritation, making the razor glide more gently and act as a moisturizing barrier. Its tilting head enhances shaving precision and leave fewer obstacles for debris accumulation.

Moreover, the 3D motion-rounded head in metallic color visualizes the way of Motion and glides effortlessly along the body contours.

The handle, connector, and cartridge are all detachable, making it easier to reuse the handle.

Women’s Shave Club founder Stefanie Polster says,” A woman is not like a man. Neither are her shaving needs. Our goal is to deliver a very high quality razor, our razors bring our customers great comfort, control and the smoothest results. All our products are offered with a money back guarantee and the subscription service can be cancelled at any time. she added.”

With a growing market in the USA, it also plans to sell in Canada. The company offers high-blade technology, and high-quality razors at an affordable price.

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