ReKonnect is a multi-purpose social network designed from the scratch on the standards of privacy, security, ad-free and self moderation

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, November 28, 2022 / — ReKonnect emerges as a social network that provides complete security and protection to the user’s privacy. The network provides services to build a user’s social network and helps to connect with loved ones, to share posts, texts, photographs and recordings. The users can invite friends and family to their own social network and can earn money. The network allows the users to share and store memories, upload photographs and recordings privately and safely.

ReKonnect is a network which provides the facility to modify the appearance of user’s recordings and photographs by adding multiple shades, effects, stickers, texts as well as vintage filters.The users can use this network and make their memories more beautiful. It also gives a secure way of chatting by end to end encryption whether the users send voice messages, text messages, pictures, contacts, locations, documents or groups invites securely. ReKonnect provides an application lock to the users to secure their discussion by locking the ReKonnect application with their gadget’s Touch ID or Face ID. The network offers to update the user’s status to their family and friends.

ReKonnect allows the users to develop and join the groups and pages according to their choices and preferences and helps to set up private or public groups and pages for business and community. The users easily search and join the free or paid rides. The networks provide guidance and develop new connections while saving the cash.

The network provides guidance and support to the users to set up their own virtual store to sell as well as promote their items. Apart from that, track order is another feature of the ReKonnect network. The users can talk with sellers and buyers, and get notification messages when order is placed. ReKonnect offers to find new places on this app , aims to visit new places, interact with new people and experience new adventures.

ReKonnect gives the opportunity to search for a job with profession title, organization name, category, salary, portrayal, qualification, locations and contact details as well. The network is used to download a wide range of collections of movies and music and also access from any device. Along with the entertainment, the users can utilize this network to express to the world by choosing a topic, a news title, upload images and edit their content. Additionally, the network provides support and empower the entrepreneurs, producers, journalists, musicians and artists.

About ReKonnect
ReKonnect is a multi-purpose social network, which provides multiple functions and standards of privacy and security. The network is utilized to develop social networks and also enable the users to join groups, pages. ReKonnect is based on the foundation of blockchain technology, a decentralized network that empowers the users to direct feed.

It is available for download in iOS and Android.

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