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Californians can now have on-demand delivery or pick up of personal belongings, packages and envelopes

GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Xpede recently launches its on-demand delivery app for IOS and Android on the Apple and Play Stores. The first of its kind app in the United States will provide rapid delivery and pick up of personal belongings (like keys, cell phones, dry cleaners, apparels, office files, etc.), packages (60 lbs. & under), and envelopes (regular and legal). It starts with servicing Southern California, which comprises of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Imperial Counties, and expects to expand to the entire State next year (2023).

Rapid or on-demand delivery emerges as a multi-billion dollars industry with food and grocery delivery leading the market. With the lockdown during the peak of Covid-19, it had exerted the industry service into an essential and daily use by the consumers as millions ordered foods and groceries delivered to their doorsteps. In 2021, the rapid delivery industry quadruples its revenue to $4.7 billion from the year before (2020), which was $1.1 billion. Investors, like Venture Capitalist Firms, also felt that this was the future of delivery and invested $14 billion into over fifty (50) companies in 2021. See – https://www.businessofapps.com/data/rapid-delivery-app-market/

With such a fast-growing industry, Xpede becomes one of its newest members by providing the rapid delivery of certain items, like personal belongings, not seen in the United States. Although the delivery of personal belongings is not a new concept in the world as such service is available in country like India, it is certainly not known or seen in the US – particularly in California. It is an intriguing concept since most of us have forgotten keys, cell phones, wallets, etc. and needed help with pick up and delivery of it, or needed help with picking up our dry cleaners. One question that arises – is it safe to use? Xpede’s answer is “Yes.” With its delivery verification code feature, one can feel safe and secure that the item(s) will be delivered to him/her.

Xpede not only provides the delivery of personal belongings to local consumers and businesses, it also provides on-demand delivery of packages and envelopes. What is unique about this part of Xpede’s service is that it provides rapid delivery or pick up of legal documents to the legal field that is not seen before in the industry. Moreover, Xpede app has features that is quite convenient for consumers and businesses, such as “Pay by Recipient” (where the Recipient is requested to pay for the delivery order) or “Instant Invoice” (where the User can instantly download and print the invoice to use as a label). What is also important and worth mentioning is that gig drivers now have an option to deliver items besides foods, groceries, and alcohols.

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