ROSEMEAD, CA, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2023 / — The event was attended by hundreds of agents in person as well as virtually via zoom. The workshop was led by a panel of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Millionaire Real Estate Agents who showed how associates could capitalize on the unique selling proposition of the agency that, as the name suggests, promises the homeowner peace of mind when it comes to getting their homes sold.

The trainers taught agents the million-dollar strategy on how to improve their offerings with the power of exclusivity so prospects will switch their mindset and behaviour into one of them chasing agents instead of the other way around. They were able to get their questions answered by a panel of top producers and learn more about the exclusive marketing system to enable them to close more deals.

“If you translate your business and its offerings into exclusivity, your prospects will switch their mindset and behavior with you into one of chasing you vs. you chasing them, welcomed guest vs. annoying pest (PPRA = prospects pursued run away). This is a Million-dollar strategy to start now if you haven’t: in getting sellers… you are the agent with the buyers; in getting buyers… you are the agent with the houses,” said Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty CEO Rudy Lira Kusuma. “BUT… let’s make it even more exclusive. In getting sellers… you are the agent with the pre-qualified buyers, ready to buy and if they won’t, you will. In getting buyers… you are the agent with priority access to houses the buyer can’t find on their own or on the internet or from other agents. Exclusivity is most likely the #1 differentiator. Different is better. Being EXCLUSIVE is the best of being different. Exclusive IS different. ‘Your Home Sold at Your Price, Guaranteed Up Front In Writing, or I Buy It’… is EXCLUSIVE. Most performance guarantees are. Certainly, a Unique Selling Proposition makes you exclusive, or at least should.”

Without an EXCLUSIVE Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or appearing to be an exclusive brand, it’s likely not much will change for you if things do change at best its incremental vs. quantum leap. Many or most agents who are ambitious, but avoid joining Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty SYSTEM, work HARD to be “better” than the other agents in their market place. Some coaches even teach this as their core training, thinking, believing it the way to go. But ‘better’ is a matter of opinion. Exclusivity is a fact. We are big on facts. Moreover, convincing prospects, clients, you are better is hard work. Being exclusive, easier!

“The industry norms and standards dictate you getting more education, investing in certifications, and the like… all designed to make you a better real estate agent. Realtor designation designed to make you exclusive, but since they pass that designation out like candy, force it upon the majority, it is NOT exclusive at all, leaving those who ARE NOT REALTORS, the exclusive group – with more flexibility and ability to do things like direct mail an active listing sitting there, not selling. I will stop there,” said Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty General Manager, Anita Witecki.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty content creator Jason Chen added, “Our teaching you direct response marketing by giving you the ads to run… EXCLUSIVE! Take a look at your Logo, if you have one. Does your Logo deliver the benefit or benefits your targeted prospect will derive in doing business with you? No? Then why the hell do you promote it? Change it to be different, exclusive by offering THE benefit prospects most want.” Your brand should be your USP, your USP your brand. “The bottom line here and my point is that it’s way easier to be exclusive than it is to be better and many times more powerful, easy to define, and measure as well.”

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty has a reputation for guiding real estate and broker associates across their journey to be successful in real estate industry. They offer a free agent career packet as well as free high-level real estate career consultation with a team member to discuss their career goals. The firm also handholds them after agents get their license and teach them sales system to get guaranteed leads, referrals, and appointments

They believe that people who follow it properly and put in the effort can earn $100K+ in their First 12 Months and are so confident in their system that they are ready to offer the difference.

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