A story by Zach Beard that entrances and entices.

Zach Beard’s The Spaceship, available in book stores now!

A story by Zach Beard that entrances and entices.

UNION CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Zach Beard is an engineer whose love of storytelling has compelled him to become an author. His fantastical world building is so deeply intricate and at the same time so intriguing that he has restructured what it means to be an author of fiction.

The Spaceship enthralls the reader by taking the ever-familiar concept of “If the power to change the world suddenly fell in your hands, what would you do?” and breathes new life into it. This book explores facets of human nature that we are all victim to such as greed, love, death as well as right and wrong. His work empowers readers to identify the inherent fallacies in human nature.

Zach explains:
“David was as normal as normal could be. He was like anyone else, just trying to get through each day. Never realizing that one day he would change the course of human history. His life turned around when he was approached by the mysterious deity, Helen. No, David wasn’t simply approached, he was selected.”

Zach Beard hopes to help the readers face the fallacies in human nature and overcome the rampant prejudices in today’s society. He wishes his readers would better understand the intricacies of life and enable them to overcome their daily struggles. He also aims to throw light on the various elements that are often hidden yet pivotal in balancing one’s life. Mr. Beard wants individuals to understand that things can change for the good in an instance, therefore; everyone should be open to accept change from unexpected people and places.

Even though the story is unique, the overall takeaway message is that everyone faces struggles in their life one way or another and it is important to face those dilemmas of morality as well as consciousness with a steadfast pace.


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