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ZakiBox at the Veterans Hospital in Los Angeles

Samir Zaki Morcos, CEO/FOUNDER

ZakiBox Is The Smartest Solution For Storing, And Organizing Your Cluttered Belongings In Your Home, Garage And Office.”

— Sam Zaki Morcos, CEO/Founder

SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2023 / — ZakiBox, Inc, a California-based company, is an innovative storage, organizer and transportation solution system for homes, offices, and garages storage needs will officially commence Crowdfunding campaign on March 15, 2023 on StartEngine platform official website

Invented by Sam Zaki Morcos, a professionally trained aerospace engineer who worked on the design of the space shuttle program, “As a former aerospace engineer, I quickly learned that the key in aerospace designs is to create devices that are strong, lightweight, waterproof, and totally compact,” Sam Zaki Morcos, Founder and CEO ZakiBox said. “Calling upon my engineering experience, I created ZakiBox an innovative system unit for a transportation, storage and organizing that allows for easy folding and opening, Stackable and uses fiberglass and nylon materials to provide both strength and durability, while remaining lightweight.”

The ZakiBox has a utility pattern with eight original design claims and a trademark brand registry.
Distribution firms already view this product as a potential future producer and have a handshake agreement with the large box company.

ZakiBox is seeking investors to raise funds to scale production and expand to a warehouse base. Sam is convinced ZakiBox is the future of storing and decluttering homes and many people are in need of the solutions it offers. “I want to take Zakibox to the next level and I need your help,” he said. “With your support we can take Zakibox out into the world.”

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