The global leader in reentry programs, drug rehab, and gang prevention, Homeboy Industries is partnering with BE University to create change for the women who are returning home from prison. Established in 2021, Be University is a global movement inspired to cause conscious leadership through self-awareness. We believe that the key to a fulfilled life is emotional wellness. Our vision is to incite a holistic revolution of well-being. We’re on a mission to become the #1 Black lead personal development organization in the wellness sector by 2025.

Blue, gold, white logo reads Be University established 2021

The recent global chaos around the COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest, and government upheaval have left people uncertain about the future. We’ve all seen devastating effects like an uprising of suicides, deaths, and people failing to thrive in general.

BE University is out to disrupt the current narrative and provide people with well-trained, well-qualified thought leadership to support the global healing efforts that are needed to create a new environment of change. By reimagining what leadership looks like and how people function in this new paradigm, we can shift from a culture of stress, trying, and doing to a culture of knowledge, acceptance, and BEING. 

Through research, collaborative conversations with mental health and wellness experts, plus her own personal life experiences and journey through healing. Creator of BE University, Dana Nickerson is curating a holistic, sustainable business model that encompasses three aspects, critical conversations in the way of inspirational speaking and writing, events that bring new ways of living to light, and social impact projects that support the environment and impact the social climate.

The CEO and Principal Consultant, Ms. Nickerson stated, “Our programs are designed to empower individuals and groups to see themselves as influential creators of their life experience and give them the confidence to create the lives they desire. In the fall of 2022, we gave leadership to the development of The Homegirl Wellness Program by facilitating their new women’s support group and quickly found ourselves connected to their vision and purpose for the group. “

Since then, Be University and Homeboy Industries agreed on a partnership to empower their Homegirls. BE U. was invited to provide personal development training for the formerly incarcerated woman in their program. Leaders from both sides came to the table and discussed what outcomes they wanted for their participants and then collaborated on a curriculum and format that would best suit their needs.

“Since we began, “Unapologetically You”, a personalized 12-week program at the beginning of February, a few women shared breakthroughs in their personal life, their happiness, and what they see as possible for themselves. We’re confident that’s just the beginning of lasting life-changing transformation and a desire to create a lifestyle around personal, spiritual, and emotional development that will have a positive impact on their environment and support a culture of healing for all. If 1 heals, we all start to heal.”

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