Black Guest List Releases The Free Guide “How To Get Media Attention for Your Business”

Black Guest List assists Black guests who want to make radio appearances, conduct podcast interviews, or be television guests. Now, the platform has released the free guide, “How to Get Media Attention for Your Business.”

The most exciting part about this platform is that it allows media, hosts, and guests to use their service for free. They also offer paid memberships for their users to make things easier at very affordable rates.

Now Black Guest List has released the free guide teaching people how to find additional media opportunities for their businesses. In the words of Sharifah Hardie, founder of Black Guest List, “Our new free guide is going to teach businesses how to build rapport with the journalists, the different types of media opportunities and how to get media coverage.”

In this free guide, all the points relative to getting media attention are covered where businesses/individuals can get insight in to how to get media attention. The readers will get step-by-step knowledge on building rapport with journalists, the importance of a good story and how to reach their readers, providing news on time, being persistent when dealing with media houses, and where to go to find these opportunities.

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